WHAT is cranio sacral?

Invented by neurosurgeon, Dr Upledger who founded the Upledger Institute in America.

Cranio sacral Therapy works on the core of the body as well as the organs of the nervous system,  influences motor, pain and coordination mechanisms of the body, the digestive system, the respiratory system, heart function and the endocrine system.

 Effective for: Migraine headaches, neck and back pain, brain and spinal cord injuries, infant disorders, Trauma, Chronic fatigue, Emotional difficulties, stress and TMJ syndrome. Powerful, gentle and non invasive.  Can be applied to animals with equally effective results working on the connective tissues.

Still Point

 This is a state of bodily function of zero point.  In still point your body feels like it is floating and you feel your brain and spine totally relaxing expanding and lengthening.  You are totally relaxed yet awake.  In cranio sacral therapy still point is achieved by the therapist holding the hole (the occiput) in the nape of your neck at the back of your head.  You can achieve the same state by yourself by using a golf ball and place it at the nape of the neck in the occiput and rest of it.  You will feel totally relaxed and not drop off to sleep. Your body will drift into an altered state of awareness of zero point.  At still point your body heals and rejuvenate faster.  Contra-indications: slip disc, multiple sclerosis.