Dialysis patient -case study - Mr A


 Name:  Mr A, age: 42  , Chinese male,  168cm,  48 kg


A client came to see me about diminishing health due to renal failure. Kidney failure caused him to be unable to pass urine not to mention failing manhood function.    His doctor from TTSH diagnosed him as kidney failure caused by hypertension. And kept increasing the dosage of his hypertension  pills which made Mr A  feel very sick. 
Mr A had been on dialysis treatment for one year (at that time) and was undergoing dialysis 3 times a week and each time for four hours.

My diagnosis was different.  My diagnosis was:-

1/ kidney failure due to severe urinary tract infection he had in the past and     2/  severely weak lungs  - Mr A was a heavy smoker which caused his blood to be not oxygenated enough thus forcing his kidneys to overwork  to filter his blood which in turn weaken them.

Because my diagnosis was such I spent the treatment doing:-

1/  boosting his immunity
2/  strengthening his lungs so that they can take in more oxygen power.
3/  Detox/ manhood

I also gave Mr A  several DIY tips and exercises to do religiously at home to boost his immunity and to strengthen his lungs.         Two weeks later  Mr A came back for another session and told me that after my first treatment he was able to pass urine three - four times a day, every day.    Before my treatment he was not able to urinate at all.  He was feeling much stronger - he started working out at a gym before he was feeling way too weak to do any exercises.  Now feeling more optimistic and was hoping that after my 2nd treatment his blood will be sufficiently clean enough to undergo another blood test and for the doctor to take him off dialysis treatment.

It took another two sessions for his dream to come true.  The last I heard from him was when he sms'd me a new year greeting.