Some men for some reason or other have adverse fears or feelings about having anything going up their rectum.  Yet at the same time they are concerned about their prostate health, if you are one of these guys then you may like to try external prostate massage.


Item needed: organic sesame oil, next best is flaxseed oil - cold pressed, if not available try olive oil

In external prostate massage the most important area to concentrate on is the perineum.   The prostate incidentally sits right above the perineum.  It is a small fleshy area located beween the root of the penis and the opening of the anus.  To masssage this area you need three fingers - index, middle and ring - close together with some sesame oil.  Firmly but gently push and massage 3 times clockwise, 3 times anticockwise then you do the anal pump.  That is you squeeze your buttocks as tightly as you - this will also tone the pelvic muscles.  This is one set.  You can do three or four sets per day if you like.  At the same time you can massage the abdomen where the bladder is in small circles clock wise or anti clockwise and when you massage the abdomen try and push down and push up like trying to lift up the internal organ.




Incidentally the perineum is the most interesting if not the most fascinating body part in a man in terms of his sexual prowess or sexual kung fu.

 When a man has sex at the end of this act he ejaculates with it he loses besides his seminal fluid, he also loses hormones, bodily essences, vitamins etc.  That is he loses energy thus after sex a guy feels tired.  Your sperm or your power flows downwards and out of your body never to return.  To change the direction of this flow and cause the sperm to flow in reverse back into the body is the secret of the sex kung fu.  With this technique you can have countless orgasm without losing your seminal fluid or your energy.  Initially practice it while masturbating until you get the hang of it then you may like to try it out with a partner. 



 Using the same three fingers during the perineum massage you wait until you are about to ejaculate about 30 seconds before if too soon to ejaculation the force of the ejaculation will render this technique useless.  So about 30 seconds before ejaculation you start pressing upwards and inwards on your perineum - closer to the base of the penis.  Within the perineum there is a small indent a small spot also known as the "gold mine" or the million dollar point  and when you press on it your seminal fluid instead of flowing downward and outward begins to flow upwards and inwards thus you retain your energy. 

Curiously with this technique your body actually feels like it has a proper orgasm and not feel deprived even though you do not lose your seminal fluids.  This technique allows a guy to have the ability to have multiple orgasms without losing his power.