FLU PATIENT- case study

Name:  Mr A.B.   48 y.o. Caucasian Male


A client, Mr A.B. suffers from frequent and severe flu.  His doctor's diagnosis was flu caused  by sinus blockage.  My diagnosis was his flu was caused by either an allergy reaction or a viral reaction from the germs on his genital area caused by unprotected sex.

This flu patient has in fact went for either one or two sinus operation in recent years which was quite traumatic to him.  But it obviously did not help because he still suffers from frequent flu.

Because this is a delicate subject of some sensitivity and to broach it may offend the client, I could only hint  to Mr A.B. that his body got "lots of germs".

He obviously did not understand the hint because few weeks ago he sent me a text telling me that for over two weeks he has been suffering from a severe flu.  Hes been on antibiotics for these two weeks.  He has gone for a flu jab. He has seen a chinese doctor.  Hes taking chinese medicine in addition to his antibiotics. Hes gone for acupuncture.  And all did not help his flu.

I then text him the following instruction "  Go to any pharmacy and buy a tube of antiseptic cream and some antibiotic powder.  After shower sprinkle antibiotic powder onto the antiseptic cream and apply liberally on the penis, testis and anus."

He followed my instruction to the letter since everything else did not work.  And apparently in one such application overnight his eyes and nose stopped running and his flu cured.  I was right again.  If it hadn't been for me his doctor would have probably recommended he go for another traumatic sinus operation.