There are many physiological  reasons why  a couple are  incapable of producing  a baby.  These may involve complication from the woman or from the man or a combination of factors involving the couple.

 In  40% of  couples  the cause of infertility is caused by a sperm factor eg low sperm count and  in another 40% the cause is found within the female reproductive tract and system and the remaining will be a combination of male and female factors.

  In some cases no or very few sperm produced or found in the ejaculate.  Sometimes the sperm can be malformed or of low quality.  If the number of sperm a man ejaculate is low or the sperm are of low quality , then it can be difficult for him to ejaculate to result in pregnancy.

 Male infertility can also be caused by problem that not just affect sperm production but also  sperm transport.  A bout 66% of infertile men have problem with making sperm in the testes.  Either low number of sperm are made and or the sperm that are made are not of good quality enough to work properly.

 Sperm transport problem are found in 20% of men who are incapable of causing pregnancy.  If blockages in the tubes leading sperm away from the testes to the penis  can cause a complete lack of sperm in the ejaculate seminal fluid.  Then  a treatment in manual  massage and visceral manipulation  over  the abdominal and penis and testes can clear the blockages allowing better pathway for the sperm to travel from the testes and out of the penis into the ejaculate.

If you are really serious about wanting to start a family or wanting an addditional bundle of joy and not too successful then I suggest you should go for a sperm test.  You can either go see a urologist or go to any laboratory in any hospital.  Just call them and requesting a sperm test and it  cost about $60-$120 depending on the hospital.  You will need to make an appointment to go down to the laboratory and present your sperm specimen.  Then go back again within a few days to collect your lab report.  The laboratory will not explain the report to you.  The report will give results about your sperm count, sperm motility sperm deformity etc.  If you do not know how to read the report do not worry just bring it to the GP and he will explain everything to you. By doing this you can see how you can doing in this realm.

 If the problem lies in the female then you may wish to consider an ivf or an iui. There are many fertility clinics locally that can provide such service.  Some couples also pay a visit to a TCM - traditional Chinese medicine to have their pulse assessed and the tcm doctor will prescribe remedial Chinese herbs for both male and female to consume for a period of one to six months depend on the severity of the blockages.

All my clients who are doing sperm test all feedback to me that after my treatment just one or two sessions there have been improvement in the sperm test results as in sperm count increase and better motility.

 For wives who are trying to conceive you can make an appointment with me to bring your partner to see me to do a treatment to clear male reproductive blockages.  You can sit in and watch while I work on your partner.