Prostate Hygiene

If you suffer from prostate infection or even recurring prostate infection, your doctor is most likely to say to you at the end of his consultation/treatment - "be careful of hygiene" :).  Like most people you will probably not go into this because you may not wish the doctor to see you as ignorant.

How to be mindful of prostate hygiene?  People with prostate infection tend to be prone to intestinal upset.  The caecum the aperture that discharges faeces sits to the left of your prostate.  Your prostate infection will most likely tend to the left side of your prostate. During prostate examination you will notice the left part of your prostate hurts the most if you have an infection. Microbes from the caecum tend to spill into the prostate from the left side.
Knowing this for prostate infection you can

1/ change your underwear frequently ie throw out old underwear after about three months and get new cotton underwear.  So no need buy branded expensive underwear.

2/ microbes like to crawl out of the body when you are asleep.  Bed linen should be washed frequently and add a cup of antiseptic during the wash to kill the germs

3/ use antiseptic powder around genital areas after a shower.

4/ try using enema.  It is hygienic. I have been using enema for many years so it takes me less than three  minutes to do an average one and I do this before a shower. For me I use only warm/hot - body temperature  tap water. Some people put some fresh lime juice into their enema. If you use very high enema it is like a professional colonic cleanse and you can see lots of black rubbery stuff coming out - this intestinal junk has been  accumulated over decades. 

A lot of holistic practitioners like naturopath advocate using coffee enema. I have tried it the result was - not very sure maybe a bit more stimulating.  If you wish to try coffee enema your coffee should be organic brew it and its ready for usage. People  with colon cancer should try enema using a solution of molass (bought from a health shop and not at a supermarket) and water.  This is extremely healing for the body.  I tried this one and your body feels extremely warm and comfortable after.  Molass if consumed is also very healing for the body.   Enema may help keep your prostate clean if you don't find it very lay chey.