If you suffer from stomach problems...

If you have a very bloated stomach, sometimes pain, often discomfort, you could do an endoscope (where they put a tube inside you to look internally), to check for intestinal polyps, ulcers, tumours, cancer.  If you are cleared from all these and still suffer from excessive wind, pain, discomfort despite eating healthily you could have:

1/ intestinal parasites like tapeworm, roundworm, pinworm - especially so if you travel to third world places and/or if you have pets.  You can do an intestinal parasitic cleanse.  Apart from extreme stomach discomfort intestinal parasites also make you feel very tired because these tiny wrigglies are sucking your life force. Herbal cleanse like wormwood, blackwalnut tincture are helpful to destroy parasites. As they are a bit hard on the liver you should take intestinal cleanse for two weeks stop one week before resuming the cycle.

2/ you may have intestinal yeast - if you are prone to ring worms, athletes foot, scaly skin especially around the groin region, itchy scalp or skin you may have intestitnal yeast which makes you crave a lot for sugar. You can get herbal intestinal candida or get oral anti-fungal which is a prescription medication.

Note: if you are doing an intestinal cleanse either for parasites or for yeast,  it is a good idea to combine it with a diet including lots of fresh pineapples as the enzymes and roughage from the pineapples will facilitate faster clearing of your gut.